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Training that Creates and Sustains
Emotional Resilience

Brilliant training! It was easily the best and most relevant training that I have ever had since I started work. It has had a massively positive effect on myself and the team - without it we would have suffered badly during the pandemic!

Amy Price - Cancer Nurse Specialist 

This training has transformed the way we work. Staff are able to speak about their feelings and managers have the skills to support their emotional needs.

We are now properly looking after the emotional health of our employees!

Fiona Stevens – HR Manager

Words cannot describe how much my team has benefitted from this training.

Staff Emotional Resilience has increased,

dramatically reducing sickness rates and

no-one has left the team since the training!

Lee Carpenter – Clinical Manager


Jayne Ellis proudly showing the chapter she co-wrote on self-care

CEO Jayne Ellis co-authoured the Self Care and wellbeing chapter

of the current edition of

The Royal Marsden Manual of

Clinical Nursing Procedures

based on her pioneering work in the field of Compassion Fatigue

Jayne Ellis explains what Compassion Fatigue is and why our training is so effective

Emotional Resilience and Compassion Fatigue

Compassion Fatigue is the single biggest factor that erodes your Emotional Reslience.

You may not have heard of Compassion Fatigue but you will definitely know the symptoms!

Do I have Compassion Fatigue?

Our test is designed to identify the emotional effect of the work that you do. The average score is 58.

Take our test to discover your score and get information on how to increase your Emotional Resilience

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