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Our Results

We are incredibly proud of our results. Customers have seen dramatic improvements in the morale and resilience of their teams. We have reduced staff turnover and absenteeism and helped Managers implement changes to create a more supportive and compassionate work environment.


We recognise that every organisation is unique so when you first speak to us about running the training for your organisation we meet with you to discuss your specific needs.

Meet with Managers & Stakeholders


Pre-course Questionnaire

Specific Issues that need to be Addressed

Staff who might need extra Support

Sector Specific Language

Pre-course Letter to Outline the Day

Pre-course Questionnaire

We help individuals and organisations recognise the impact that Compassion Fatigue is having on their teams using our pre -course questionnaires. We also use this information to further tailor the content of the training before delivery.



We enable organisations to offer the training to their staff that works for them in terms of content and timing by ensuring that it is tailored to their needs, therefore relevant, engaging and memorable.

Immediate Feedback after the training day - What did you like about the course?

"Interactive, varied info and good resources, it was fun and we laughed"                                                             

"Made me feel validated in my feelings"

"I feel I have gained insight into how to manage feelings of stress and anxiety that I did not have previously"

"I learned so much about myself, colleagues and stress. that is is normal but great ways to help deal with it"

"The course was very well presented in an informative and informal way the trainer obviously knew her subject very well and believed in it also"

"I liked the handouts, the way it was delivered and how we all interacted with our reasons for doing the course. I found it very valuable to my daily life in and outside of work"

What are the Key messages you will take away from the course?

"Being more mindful, importance of exercise and eating better. The fact that we are all doing our best in very, very odd times! thanks for a thought-provoking day"

"There are things I can do to help myself manage compassion fatigue"

"I now can identify why I feel and act a certain way at times. I used to feel guilty and unsupportive towards colleagues and residents. I now understand my emotions better"

"Be kind to myself. relax. learn to say no. I need to take care of me if i am to continue to look after others well "

"To look after yourself using the helpful guides given. also to be aware of how others in your work or home life are coping"

"It's ok not to be OK and I'm not on my own. It was an amazing course, and I would highly recommend to my colleagues"

"Be more patient with myself and realise that I am doing a difficult job so be kinder to myself"


We are one of the only training companies to monitor the effectiveness of our training by using follow up questionnaires sent to all participants 12 weeks after the training day. We do this to ensure that the tools and strategies we teach work and lead to sustained resilience. Like all the information we collate this post course data is always shared with the managers and stakeholders to enable them to continue to support their teams


We view the training we run as a starting point for organisations to discover how they can continue to improve the emotional health and safety of their staff. We share with them after the training ideas and strategies that their teams suggest during the training day and then provide ongoing support through additional monitoring and resources available through our website. Organisations who have monitored the impact of the training have share with us that they have seen improved morale and drops in sickness rates and numbers of staff leaving


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