Jayne Ellis

Founder and CEO

Empathy is the ultimate superpower. It enables you to experience what others are feeling.
Working my whole professional life as a nurse and a teacher I know that empathy and compassion are the emotions that you need in order to do the job well and make a difference.
I have experienced the symptoms of Compassion Fatigue in varying degrees over the years, but until recently I didn’t realise that these symptoms had a name and were not a sign of weakness on my part or my inability to cope.
The training I have developed deals with the effects of Compassion Fatigue and is successfully helping a wide variety of staff from many different professional groups develop proactive and sustainable self-care strategies.
I am on a mission to raise awareness of the impact of Compassion Fatigue and to ensure emotional health and safety gains the same status and recognition as physical health and safety.

Trudi Davison


As a registered McTimoney Chiropractor I see many people who come to me suffering from musculoskeletal pain that in many cases is caused not by a physical injury but by chronic stress. I began to realise that it is impossible to separate the psychological from the physiological and that the only approach that really has a lasting impact is an holistic one. 
I joined the EF training team 2 years ago after completing my training as a Compassion Fatigue Facilitator and bring my experience as a Chiropractor to the training.
 Working as a trainer I already feel that we are making a huge difference to people’s lives both at work and at home by helping them understand the emotional impact of the work they do and how to help themselves and their colleagues in a proactive and practical way.

Emma Parker


My background as a complementary therapist has made me very aware of the link between physical and mental health. My clients often come to me for what they perceive as a physical problem but in fact, their bodies are manifesting an emotional one. Training as a counsellor also made me very aware of the fact that I wanted to look for a more holistic and practical approach to helping people understand the underlying reasons for their feelings. Challenges with my own mental health whilst working as a therapist led me to seek out answers and to the work of EF training. Now working with Jayne and the team, I can see the difference we are making and find the work very personally fulfilling.

Wendy Allerton


As someone who has been touched by Compassion Fatigue I am delighted to be working on a programme that has been designed to support those in the front line who are affected directly by it, and also for managers and team leaders to be able to support their staff members.

It is really satisfying to see the positive results for individuals that have come about through improved understanding of the condition, and the use of tools and strategies to help build resilience and reduce the impact of compassion fatigue on their work and personal lives.

From my past experience of working in a commercial environment managing teams I recognise just how impactful this training is, and the outcomes that can be incorporated in to the work environment.

Combining this with my experience as a trainer and facilitator allows me to deliver the messages in a way that helps bring about change in behaviours and understanding.

Pippa Richardson


As a Registered Learning Disability Nurse, I spent the early part of my career working in residential services supporting people with learning disabilities and or autism. 
I then moved into education, teaching on a variety of Further and Higher education programmes in Health ,Social Care and Management. 
I have a real passion for education, and my background in learning disabilities has led me to study further for a Masters in Education - Autism (Adults). 
During my career I have felt the effects of Compassion Fatigue and also observed it in those I have worked with and supported. I am excited to be part of the EF training team. I feel passionate about delivering Compassion Fatigue Training to a variety of people in different job roles and helping them learn self-care strategies and develop emotional resilience.

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