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Jayne Ellis

Founder and CEO

Jayne has worked in healthcare for over 30 years as a nurse and an educator. She is a published author and regularly speaks at conferences and events on the subject of Compassion Fatigue all over the UK.

She founded EF training in 2010 to provide quality evidence-based training and then five years later wrote and developed the first course in the UK that pro-actively addresses the impact of Compassion Fatigue on individuals and organisations.

Having experienced compassion fatigue herself Jayne is acutely aware of the emotional toll that working in any caring role takes from people. She is committed to raising awareness about Compassion Fatigue and is campaigning for emotional health and safety to be seen as having equal status to physical health and safety in every industry across the UK.

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Emma Parker
Training Manager

Emma comes from a complementary healthcare background which means that she is acutely aware of the intrinsic link between physical and mental health and wellbeing.

She has experienced challenges with her own mental health whilst working as a therapist and training as a counsellor and this made her look for a more holistic and practical approach to helping people understand the underlying reasons for the way they feel.

Emma loves seeing the real and lasting difference we are making to those who come on the training as well as finding the work very personally fulfilling.

Millie Popham-Holloway
Adminstration Manager

After 10+ years working as a PA in large corporate companies within the property industry in London, Millie decided pre-pandemic to move back home to the Hampshire countryside and work from home.


After going through a Stem Cell Transplant in 2021, Millie witnessed first hand the stress and strains that staff go through within the NHS and wanted to help in some way to make their lives a little better. After being put in touch with Jayne through a friend, she came on board to help with all the back office admin and making sure all courses were able to be run smoothly and efficiently.

Outside of work, Millie tries to put the EF training philosophy into place and regularly goes on long walks around the farm and enjoys cooking healthy but yummy cakes!

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Annmarie Malloy

Annmarie, a former telecoms manager, was inspired to become a registered nurse while observing the care given by local hospice at home nurses for a close family friend. Having worked for several NHS trusts, she specialised in roles such as Acute Stroke Nurse co-ordinator, End of Life Care Practice Educator, and worked as a Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialist and rapid End of Life discharge care during the pandemic.

Annmarie joined the team as an ardent supporter of Compassion Fatigue and Resilience training for all working in highly emotional demanding roles. Having felt its effect herself and witnessing Compassion Fatigue in others, she is passionate that individuals are given the opportunity to recognise, respond and build long term self-care strategies to take care of themselves while they are taking care of others.

Trudi Davison


Trudi is a registered McTimoney Chiropractor. As a chiropractor she regularly sees people who come to her suffering from what they have identified as a physical condition but, in many cases, is caused by chronic stress. She became interested in this phenomenon and brings this knowledge and expertise to the team.

Having joined EF training Trudi feels that delivering the training is  making a huge difference to people’s lives both at work and at home by helping them understand how the work they do affects them physically and emotionally. She enjoys sharing ways to help people help themselves and their colleagues in proactive and practical ways.

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Angela Vincent

Angela brings her extensive knowledge on the challenges facing patients, and caregivers in varied oncology and palliative care settings and a wide experience in spoken and written communication of sensitive and appropriate information.


She is a freelance writer with an interest in health and wellbeing and has spoken nationally and internationally on palliative care and health issues. 

Wendy Allerton


Wendy is an experienced trainer and facilitator who has worked in commercial environments managing and supporting teams.


She joined the team to help us develop the training for managers and team leaders across all sectors to enable them to incorporate the tools and strategies we teach into their roles


Wendy says that it is really satisfying to see the positive results that have come about through improved understanding of the impact of Compassion Fatigue and emotional resilience and feels that her experience as a trainer and facilitator allows her to deliver the messages in a way that helps bring about change in behaviours and understanding.

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Kate Flint

Kate worked as a Specially Trained Officer for Thames Valley Police for many years, specialising in serious sexual offences. She was a specialist in dealing with vulnerable and intimidated victims, witnesses and suspects of serious crimes, including children and has a wealth of experience in working within traumatic environments.  Later on in her professional journey, she also worked in Child Protection, caring for vulnerable and at-risk children. 

Having suffered with postnatal and clinical depression, Kate is acutely aware of the professional and personal impacts of work based stress, anxiety and Compassion Fatigue. Kate took several years away from work during which she raised her young family and learned to focus on self-care. 

Kate is now fully embracing the opportunities to educate others in the importance of Self Compassion and Emotional Resilience. 

Ryan Lainchbury

A qualified Trainer, NLP Practitioner and MBSR Instructor (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Ryan has worked in a variety of learning and development and employee engagement and wellbeing roles in different industries, most recently the Animal Welfare Sector.

Ryan is passionate about creating healthy places to work and after seeing firsthand the positive impact of EF Training, he’s excited to help us reach more people.


Away from work his young family keeps him busy, and living on the Sussex Coast he enjoys spending time in the great outdoors and attempting to improve his gardening skills!

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Rachel Green

Rachel's background is safeguarding children & vulnerable adults.  For 20 years she worked for Social Care - as a Child Protection Social Worker ; then as a Senior Practitioner specialising in pre-pubescent sexual abuse; and finally as a Child Protection Chair co-ordinating the county-wide multi-agency response to safeguarding children. During this time Rachel also worked for the Police Training Division delivering legal training on the preparation of children & vulnerable adults for Court in cases of abuse.


For the last 15 years Rachel has worked as a Trainer delivering Domestic Abuse & Safeguarding Training Courses to the NHS, Charities and Faith Organisations.


Rachel is deeply passionate about emotional well-being & how to preserve & maintain this through adversity. 

Dr Teyhou Smyth

Clinical Adviser

Teyhou earned her B.A in Psychology from the University of Southern California and completed an M.A. in Sociology at Goldsmiths College, University of London.  Dr Smyth went on to complete a second Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at the California School of Professional Psychology and holds a doctorate degree in Pedagogical Sciences. 


Teyhou places high value on personal development and wellness allowing for the achievement of one’s full potential, and her practice Living with Finesse focuses on stress management, corporate burnout and achieving better work/life balance for professionals who lead busy lifestyles and want to live a more fulfilling life. Teyhou believes that everyone is able to access their full potential so that they may become the best version of themselves.


Dr Smyth sees the impact of Compassion Fatigue in her daily practice and provides additional support and advice to the team using her professional experience and expertise.

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